Beginner Chinese 9

I drink tea
Wo he chá
In this lesson, Yao and Kevin will be learning together learning a very useful word to drink in Chinese. We will be also learning how to say several common drinks in Chinese, such as tea, coffee and water. Have fun!

Beginner Chinese 8

This is my book
Zhè shì wo de shū.
We are going to teach you how to express persessive in Chinese: my book, your chair, my tea, your coffee etc. The key word is de, similar to the French de and Spanish de. The possessive is fairly straight forward in Chinese, it can be expressed by a simple formula: Pronoun + de + object.


Beginner Chinese 7

She is Evelyn and she is a nurse.
Tā shì Evelyn, tā shì hùshi.
We learned two pronouns in the previous lessons: I (wo) and you(nǐ). We are going to teach you how to say he and she in Chinese. We will also learn several interesting words about profession such as teacher, student, doctor, and nurse.
Have fun!

Beginner Chinese 6

Learn Beginner Chinese 6
Is that a watch?  Nà shìbúshi shoubiao?
We are going to learn how to say cup, watch and telephone in Chinese. We learned how to say -This is – in Chinese already and I am certain by now you must be very comfortable using it. So in this session’s learnchinesepod we would not bring it up again to bombard your ear, we are going to discover – Nà⬝  the brother of zhè.

Beginner Chinese 5

Learn Beginner Chinese 5
What do you eat?  Nǐ chī shénme?
In this session, learnchinesepod will teach you how to eat! No, just kidding! You will be learning how to say  I eat xxx , do you eat xxx?, what do you eat?⬝ in Chinese. We will also serve you a very rich dinner if you can order them in Chinese: chicken, beef, pork, rice etc.

Beginner Chinese 4

Learn Beginner Chinese 4
What is that?   Nà shì shénme?
You have learned so far two different way to ask questions:
1) with “ma”  Yes-or-No question
2) with “Shìbúshì”  structure
Questions are important and they are key to our daily conversation since not only you can obtain information from other person, you can also show your interest!
We are going to teach you another very useful way to ask questions using “shénme”. This episode is important, because the three new words we are going to learn appear frequently into any conversation.

Beginner Chinese 3

In this session, you will be learning another way to ask yes-or-no questions in Chinese; it’s not as straightforward as the question formed with a “ma” ending (learned in the previous episode). But you can surely master it by following the instructor closely when you are listening to the sound file. Make sure you can say out the sentences loudly along with the recording.

Beginner Chinese 2

After a quick review, in this class you will be learning how to ask yes-or-no questions?! Don’t be scared, it’s really a piece of cake. If you are smart enough to turn on your computer and find and download this document. I promise it wouldn’t take you more than 2 minutes to master the skill!

Beginner Chinese 1

The Chinese language is simple to learn, really! In this first episode, Yao explains in details why it is so.

In this episode, you will also learn how to say some very simple things in Chinese such as basic greetings, self-introductions:

hello, I am xxx.
You are xxx(name).
This is a computer.
This is a pen.
This is a table, a chair.